Rice cooker recipe – Cabbage rice

Cooking is getting pretty therapeutic for me. Insisted on cooking on Thursday night 'cause I chanced upon this recipe while looking for a simple rice cooker recipe.

Turns out it was not as simple as I wanted. But I couldn't pass it up 'cause it's the kind of comfort food I love most.

Not my photo 😂 in my hurry to eat, I forgot to take any photos of my outcome.

Ingredients. I was having a late lunch at the mall so I went to hock hua to pick up all the necessary stuff. Now my fridge is filled with Chinese dried goods. 😅

Steps are pretty easy just tedious.

So troublesome. But worth it!

Oven baked a salmon and my sister scrambled eggs. The meal turned out pretty good. #buaypaiseh Even my mum the annoying picky eater said it was not bad. But I guess you can't go wrong with dried shiitake mushrooms 😋



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